Hütte GmbH – Member of the schwartz Group

Since 2016 we have been a 100 % subsidiary of schwartz GmbH and thus member of the international schwartz Group.

For more than three decades, schwartz GmbH has ranked among the leading manufacturers of heat treatment equipment for press hardening, hardening, annealing, forging and brazing of steels, aluminum and nonferrous metals. In the field of heat treatment solutions for press hardening schwartz is the global market leader whose advanced heat treatment systems are in use all over the globe and have proven their merits many times over in the automotive industry, in steel and nonferrous metals processing, and in the aircraft industry. In the automotive field schwartz serves carmakers and their direct suppliers all over the world as a tier-1 and tier-2 partner.
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Our portfolio of products and services

We design and build our heat treatment systems to individual customer preferences and needs. Throughout this process we focus on technically effective and cost-efficient solutions. Our exceptionally well trained engineers and technicians can boast many years of experience and will leave nothing to chance in planning and developing each individual system.
In addition, we benefit from the development, design and production competence gathered by our parent company, schwartz GmbH, since 1984.

schwartz international
The schwartz Group has 23,500 sq.m. of manufacturing floorspace plus 4,500 sq.m. of office space at its eight sites worldwide. The total workforce is about 240 people with more than 160 being employed at the Simmerath headquarters.
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At our Aachen site 14,000 sq.m. of floorspace are dedicated to the manufacture, assembly and factory testing of heat treatment equipment.
All equipment is designed exclusively in Aachen and at the headquarters of the schwartz Group in Simmerath.
Manufacturing also takes place in Simmerath, in Aachen or at the schwartz HTS production site under German management in Kunshan/PR China.
All through the production workflow, from design to commissioning, we apply the most exacting standards in order to meet customer requirements fully at all times.